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Lindsey 03/04/2017

A great watch from a great company!

Jordan Aaron 15/03/2017

I RECEIVED my white Tempus recently and it looks great, really well made and easy to change the straps.

Sarah M 20/02/2017

Stunning watch! Mine is an Acclaro, the white one and I couldnt be happier!

Steve 30/01/2017

Absolutely great watch! I have worn mine every day since i got it, it suits any occasion and the straps can be swapped really quickly!

Colin 24/01/2017

I have just received my black acclaro and the attention to detail is outstanding! I highly recommend voca!

Simon Carpenter 05/12/2016

Absolutely stunning. So happy with the quality of my watch.

the edders 05/12/2016

So pleased with my Black Acclaro and black mesh. Great quality, stunning design. VOCA - you are class!

JIM FRETTER 03/12/2016


NeIl 22/11/2016

Nice, sleek watch with an expensive and luxurious feel to it. Feels very light yet not dainty or fragile. It is a great addition to my collection and I hope to purchase more in the future!

Jessica 22/11/2016

ABSOLUTELY stunning WATCHES! Ive got the black Tempus with black mesh strap and it goes with everything. Going to order more straps so i can mix and match to suit my outfits! Quailty is amazing, light weight and Easy to wear. Simply stunning!! Highly recommend to anyone

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